About Us

Chemray Corporation has been servicing the Industrial Process Industry in the Chicagoland and Midwest markets since 1958.

Chemray Corporation is a distributor/representative for many manufacturers of Sanitary and Industrial Products. These products are sold into the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Food and Beverage, OEM, Chemical, Petrochemical, Refinery and Electrofinishing markets.

Chemray Corporation sells sanitary stainless steel diaphragm valves, radial bottom outlet valves, centrifugal pumps, gauges, hose assemblies, sampling valves, sanitary fittings, gaskets, clamps, sanitary sight glasses and sanitary ball valves.

We also sell Industrial products that include, but are not limited to PTFE, PFA lined fittings, PFA lined cylindrical sight glasses, PTFE and PFA diptubes and spargers, and flouropolymer coatings of PTFE,PFA, ECTFE, and ETFE sheet linings.

Industrial sight flow indicators of, PTFE valves, PFA ball valves, check valves, butterfly valves, fused glass to metal sight glasses, industrial sight glasses, flow meters, eductors, ejectors, industrial glass, flat glass, tubular glass, cylindrical glass and gaskets.

Chemray Corporation
2863 W. 95th St. Suite 143-236, 
Naperville, IL 60564